Entry: Subject: Hey Hey-From: HanhNgocH Thursday, July 17, 2003

hey girl!!! here i am to email you everyday. lol. awww. i miss kinkaid already. i miss playing volleyball ... i put pictures in my little memory book and it looks good. oh yeah pictures ... pictures. the website is http://groups.msn.com/HanhnieBUN/ . yeah just click and it'll take you there. hey r u going to astroworld with us? there's only going to be jane long people. people like Thanh, Stevie, me, Mateo, and Ryan. Yes, please come to hang on w/ me and us. i'm sad b/c thanh is leaving DeBakey (i told u, remember?) and this might be the last time i'm gonna see her. -sniff-sniff- well come and it's gonna be on the 19. yes july 19. gosh i hate reading my summer reading. i'm so lazy.

write back soon!!!


"Personal agendas and issues die in Christ.  Vanity and pride die in Christ. Social distinctions and worldly cares all die in Christ. Racism is not of Christ.  Inequality is not of Christ.  Cliques are not (even) of Christ.  Anything that makes the person next to you feel or look upon themselves as less of a person…that cause is not of Christ.  May we never be part of that cause, but always part of the solution."


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